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  • Why Does American Christianity Always Seem to Wait for the Real Thinking to be Done Elsewhere?

    A few of us have been reading Marilynne Robinson’s wonderful novel Gilead recently. I can’t recommend it highly enough. One episode jumped out at me last night. The trickster, the Prodigal perhaps, of the novel is debating faith with the protagonist, an old preacher, when he asks: ‘Do you ever wonder why American Christianity always…

  • Finally Teleportation is Possible ¦ So That’s How Philip Did it


    I’ve always gawped in wonder at the bit in Acts 8 where "the Spirit of the Lord suddenly took Philip away, and the eunuch did not see him again, but went on his way rejoicing. Philip, however, appeared at Azotus". The only teleportation reference in the Bible? Anyway, seems like they’ve finally worked out how…

  • A Humanist Jesus?



    Interesting post here, via Steven Johnson. “Paul was wrong. Our faith is not foolish if Jesus is not literally and physically risen from the dead. We know our faith is true, because we know that death has not defeated him. As a humanist, I do not discard the rich legacy and richness of the Christian…

  • Emerging Church Critique | David Byrne & Jesus Camp

    Great to see a fabulous line up for critiquing the Emerging movement. Eight. White. Men. “I hope that the movement or conversation in its present form will increasingly divide between those who deeply and intelligently desire to be faithful to Scripture while learning to communicate the gospel to a younger generation, and those who, whether…

  • Let There Be (Solid State) Light


    Let There Be (Solid State) Light “I hope the award of this prize will help people to understand that this invention makes it possible to improve quality of life for many millions of people. This is not just a source of light that makes enormous energy savings possible, it is also an innovation that can…

  • Democracy


    From Malanda, via Barry Taylor Pray this resolution is passed soon. And is respected more than some of the others passed in the region over the past few years. Technorati Tags: Democracy, Israel, Justice, Lebanon, United Nations