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From Malanda, via Barry Taylor

Pray this resolution is passed soon. And is respected more than some of the others passed in the region over the past few years.

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6 responses to “Democracy”

  1. I’m curious, where’s the resolution calling for Hezbollah to stop lobbing missiles into Israel or for Lebanon and Palestine to control it’s own national terrorist groups?

  2. That’s what happens when you start getting involved in the blame game. It’s all too easy and simplistic to see the US/Israel axis as imperialist bastards. Life’s not that simple.
    The only way forward is to support peace intitiatives, in an effort to resolve the differences, and that’s hard work.

  3. From my perspective? See a couple of posts ago. Of course there has to be balance. But let’s get the proportions right. The Israelis have completely trashed Palestine and Lebanon’s infrastructures. This is going to take years to rebuild. Economically, they’ve screwed them. This is not happening with the rockets into Israel. I don’t defend it, but Israel need to be proportionate.

  4. Kester, do groups who strap bombs onto pregnant women and blow up busses of school children really know anything about “balance and proportion?” As far as trashed infrastructures, it seems to me that the Palestinians have wasted nearly a half a century of potential growth and prosperity by pursuing a continual Jihad against Israel. Now, I know that Israel has been oppressive in some ways and in the past had taken a “spoils of war” attitude toward land. I don’t at all support some of the abuses to the Palestinians that occur on the local level. But Israel, while surrounded on every side by enemies has prospered while the Palestinians, who are surrounded on every side by friends have floundered and suffered. Now, don’t mistake me, I’m not a Zionist in the sense that they are “God’s chosen people,” however it seems that every time radical Islamist are given enough rope they inevitably hang themselves.

  5. This is pretty much propaganda…

  6. damnflandrz

    Damn I thought the American Fundies were God’s chosen people.
    So the big question is now… as a free-thinking vengence-taker, from whom should I buy my latest holy-weapons. I was relying on Bush, but maybe the Israeli bombs are more sacred.
    What is a guy to do? I was inspired by Bush’s example and I totaled the local neibourhoods of anyone I believed to be plotting against me… but now it turns out he wasn’t blessed, and it’s Israel after all? Damn, I better start widening my missile range and practicising my racial slurs just like *Gods new/old chosen people*.