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K And Si Truck Just at LAX now on my way back from Solition. What with the security alerts in the UK, my flights home have been changed, cancelled and delayed… and changed again to suit me much better than the original plan. At one time I thought I’d have no hand baggage allowed, but they’ve relaxed that just today. Thank goodness. Seems flying will soon be exactly as Stelios wants it: naked cattle with passports tatooed to our necks. So much easier to transport…

Soliton itself has just been absolutely amazing. The theme was ‘the gospel of welcome’, and the hospitality has been just incredible. This is no convention centre meeting: it’s meeting in homes, in parks, in bars. Conversing, not preaching. Flexible programming and a great relaxed attitude with some brilliant and inspiring people.

The picture is of me and Si Johnston with the little car we were given to get us from the place we were staying one day. It’s bigger than my house. And if the flying hadn’t already done so, entirely ruined any environmental credentials I may have had. It was a lot of fun though 😉 3.5 litres of it.

It’s going to be a pleasure to have Shane over at Greenbelt. It was really great to meet him. He had to drive an M3 BMW while he was there too, so we all got a little compromised. Greg Russinger – who puts Soliton together – is going to be over too. Just an amazing guy. Do your best to hook up with him while you’re there. You don’t need a picture. He IS Jack Nicholson in the days of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

Here’s to getting back home to London. Can’t wait.

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8 responses to “Soliton | The Gospel of Welcome”

  1. Shouldn’t you change the name from “Soliton” to “Cannonball Run”?

  2. gareth higgins

    hey man – glad you were allowed to read on the plane – and great to be with you at soliton – look forward to greenbelt and the aa milne experience.

  3. Cannonball Run is not far off actually!
    Hope you have a good trip too G-Bear. You would not believe this – I seriously do not lie – the pilot actually said “I apologise for this flight being ontimely challenged.” I nearly choked on my tomato juice 😉

  4. kester – looks like i was landing in Los Angeles when you were leaving. sorry to have missed you and was looking for a reunion of celtic sessions over my bottle of bushmills. (pictures to come soon) may be awhile before i see you again. wish you well and enjoy the next few weeks.

  5. You made it home safely I expect. Simon really is a hobbit going to his shire; you’re both dwarfed by that truck.
    Loved watching you make a connection with us as you shared on Saturday afternoon. I could see you shining through your screen of skin. I have a feeling your novel may be more than therapy. It was good to meet you @ Soliton.

  6. SUV-gate. Control your media— you’ve only gone and documented it yourself!
    Are you fucked in the head? To quote someone we all know: ‘How far into the temple have you gone’?
    This ones coming back to haunt you !-)

  7. How dyslexic am I?

  8. Kester, thanks for sharing at Soliton. Was good to meet you.