Emerging Church Critique | David Byrne & Jesus Camp

Great to see a fabulous line up for critiquing the Emerging movement.




“I hope that the movement or conversation in its present form will increasingly divide between those who deeply and intelligently desire to be faithful to Scripture while learning to communicate the gospel to a younger generation, and those who, whether mischievously or ignorantly, happily domesticate and distort the Scripture because of their analysis of contemporary culture.”

Thanks Don Carson, always nice to know you actually want more division.

[Un]Connectedly, thanks to Paul for this link to David Byrne on Jesus Camp.

His blog looks well worth an RSS.

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10 responses to “Emerging Church Critique | David Byrne & Jesus Camp”

  1. As he later notes that the Emerging movement is clearly a fad, I don’t think Carson is really interested in division. He’s out for complete victory.
    I’m curious if you would agree with Mark Driscoll that the “the hottest theologies today are reformed and emerging.” Emerging yes. But, Reformed? I’ve found that reformed theology is always and forever the hottest almost exclusively among Reformed theologians. Am I missing a broader hotness in the wider ecclesial world?

  2. Errr… I think not, Patrick. Everyone likes to think their own little patch is ‘what’s hot’.
    And I’m aware of the difficulties of even writing this post. As we’ve discussed here before, just how diverse is the reader/commentership here and in the wider EC world? Are we any better? I’d love to think so…

  3. damnflandrz

    There is no EC —- I have discovered we are just a very, very insular global group (I like the irony of insular/global).
    I suspect there may only really be 3 or 4 EC. Kester, Shaine, and some hippies.
    The rest of us just bounce from blog to blog, pub to pub and gig to gig finding Jesus, Church, The World and heartburn.
    Or is it just me?

  4. At the end of their intro video it was said “Pastors learn best from other pastors”
    Why does this make me anxious? What am I here for then?
    Emerging.. ugh!- who wants to hear that word anymore?!

  5. interesting that this same paragraph caught my attention too … I felt sad after reading it.

  6. one.
    enjoying your post . ..

  7. am i the only person who picked up on the fine mullet being nutured by that one kid in the trailer?

  8. It’s amusing to me that Reformed theologians think Reform theology is so hot when EVERYONE knows that Lutheran theology kicks ASS and is far superior to all its fellows…I know this is true as I spent this weekend in a meeting with 30 other Lutheran theologians who concur.

  9. for some reason, andrew jones has taken responsibility for my glib ‘mullet’ comment (sorry andrew).
    anyway there’s a good review of the jesus camp film here here

  10. Mark McConnell

    Could there be any more sad and vacuous comment to lead this thread, than “Eight White Men”?
    So, this is what is emerging: race and gender matters, but malicious or ignorant distortion does not.
    What a marvellous sense of irony you have.