A Humanist Jesus?



Interesting post here, via Steven Johnson.

“Paul was wrong. Our faith is not foolish if Jesus is not literally and physically risen from the dead. We know our faith is true, because we know that death has not defeated him. As a humanist, I do not discard the rich legacy and richness of the Christian tradition, rather I claim to be the true heir to the Christian patrimony. Christians embrace a shallower version of Jesus. I know this because I continue to be transformed by Jesus’s love and he continues to inspire my humanist faith”


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3 responses to “A Humanist Jesus?”

  1. i cried when i read this. i’m an atheist too.
    [i wish i were honest enough to use my real name…]

  2. Dana Ames

    It seems to me that this one is not far from the kingdom of God.

  3. ‘Ellie’, keep your boundaries porous. None of us have anything to fear from truth.