The Truth Isn’t Sexy | Act Now

EllenThere’s been a lot of talk around the bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade, and rightly so.

But, right now, there are more people caught up in the international trafficking of sex slaves than were ever involved in that slave trade. It’s happening right now. Young girls duped into thinking they’re getting a better life in the West, ending up being brutally raped 40 times a day to ‘break’ them. Make them malleable. So they’re ready to answer the calls of the men who take the cards from the phone booths. Tonight. Every night.

The Truth Isn’t Sexy is a brilliant campaign led by a devolved network of concerned people. And that ought to include you. Don’t hesitate. Do something positive this Lent and visit their site to find out what you can do to make a real difference. Like get hold of some of their award-winning beer mats and distribute them in your local pub.

For those based in London, the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are holding a gig in the Bloomsbury Ballroom on the 6th March, all the proceeds of which are going to the campaign. Contact Si for more info.

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