The Spiritual Failings of an ‘Emerging Leader’ 2 | Lent

I have never, ever given anything up for Lent.

Not once.

Not one tiny thing.

Oh dear :^/

Suggestions for this Lent?


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6 responses to “The Spiritual Failings of an ‘Emerging Leader’ 2 | Lent”

  1. we’re giving up sanctus…

  2. According to the london lite evening freebie newspaper (boohiss) the church of england is suggesting that people commit to making people laugh throughout lent (using good clean humour, it says)…

  3. Excellent ideas both! Hope about a joke a day on this blog?

  4. i’m giving up evangelicalism for lent…… well, it’ll be more permanent than that.

  5. cynicism, perhaps?

  6. Good choice.
    Ouch 😉