Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary – Free Mutiny! Chapter Download

The Rolling Stones celebrate 50 years since their first gig today… a gig at which they moaned ‘We’re a blues band, I hope no one thinks we’re going to play rock and roll…’

Since that time they have sold hundreds of millions of records and made ridiculous amounts of money… all out of ripping off blues standards. And, in their old age, have then gone on to fight hard for extended 70 year copyright on this material. What a f*cking joke.

So as a hat-tip to the commons, here’s a free download of a chapter from Mutiny! which discusses Mick Jagger and the Stones, and some more sensible approaches to copyright. Enjoy! And go rip some Stones songs for free where you can too – up the pirates!!


3 responses to “Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary – Free Mutiny! Chapter Download”

  1. Great chapter in a great book. I’m loving it. Just like your previous stuff.

    The Rolling Stones, however? Eh.

    What’s the plan for your visit to the Colonies? Anything planned in LA?

  2. Yes, hoping to be in LA mid/end of October all being well. Thoughts on any works of Mutiny we might be able to muster?

  3. And thanks – sorry! – so glad you’re enjoying the book .-)