Hacking Mutiny! [1]



The limited edition hardbacks I printed up of Mutiny! were pretty much a wild success ;-)… Lots of people wanted them, and people seem pretty pleased with the results. I may end up doing another limited run after the summer (and will have a few available at Greenbelt, plus perhaps some in the US in the Autumn…)

But… I think the true pirate spirit ought to be a little more free than that! So… I thought I’d offer a little ‘hack’ for a while:

Buy a blank hardback here (including a very gross, properly disposable jacket!)

– Print on, tag, design, paint, rip, collage your own cover

– Send me a pic and we’ll may be get a gallery going of them. Arrr!

 Then come see me speak, or grab me in the street, and I’ll sign it. First to do so gets a very special prize 😉