Hacking Mutiny [2] – Design your own Bespoke Paperback

Back in London for a few days after a great break in Italy. It’s been great hearing how much people are enjoying the book and being challenged by it. Keep the reviews coming – as tweets or blog posts or, if you’re able to, on Lulu and Amazon too.

As I’ve said before, one of the great things about self publishing is the flexibility it offers. Having done some limited edition hardbacks, and then offered blank hardbacks for people to hack their own covers, I want to give people a chance to do something with the paperbacks too.

I love how the cover design worked out, but may be you’ve got an idea in mind, or are a brilliant designer and want to showcase what you can do… or may be you just want to hack your own cover design as a special gift or as a bespoke edition for a study group or something…

Whatever you’re into, here’s the hack: create a PDF/JPEG cover with the exact dimensions below, email me the cover, stating if you want it as a private hack or one to go public, and I’ll then upload the lot and email you a link to purchase.

The exact dimensions are important, and I advise using a proper application like InDesign or Photoshop to set things up. The resolution needs to be good too – 300dpi.

Be great to have a whole suite of different covers out there… Enjoy!

Cover Dimensions:

Total Cover: 909.57 (width) x 666 (height) Postscript points; (32.08cm x 23.49cm  or  3790px x 2775px)

Spine Width: 27.57 Postscript points wide (0.972cm or 115px)

Spine Begins: 441 Postscript points from left (15.56cm  or  1838px)

If using images, the resolution should be set to 300dpi.

NB – remember to work in CMYK colour mode when working with images for print