To the moon (and back)

Today I went to Lightroom in London’s Kings Cross to see The Moonwalkers – an immersive video experience focused on the Apollo missions to the moon… and the Artemis II missions which intend to go back in 2026.

It was a beautiful re-telling of a story I now know so well through the work I did on GETTING HIGH. And, with a resurgence of the space race just as conflict and climate disruption is building, an affirmation about how relevant the message of that book still is.

With that realisation, and with my new work on AI forthcoming, it seems like the right time to get this site dusted off and firing up again.

There’s lots forthcoming with my work – both on the fiction and non-fiction sides, so I hope you’ll consider following along, either by checking in here, or by signing up to get updates (no spam, I promise) about my work.

There was a time when blogging seemed less meaningful with Facebook and Twitter and the rest… but now with so much nonsense connected with those sites, it feels right to Take Control of the Means of Production and start WordPressing again. Hope you’ll enjoy the ride.


2 responses to “To the moon (and back)”

  1. Hi Kes, thanks, yes happy to receive. Might nudge me to get some recent writing out there too. Til soon, love B

  2. Jake Bouma

    Good to have you back (blogging)