After Getting High: Getting Down

As many of you will already know, I’m just beginning writing again. Through five works of non-fiction I’ve been wanting to follow my heart over to the other side, and I’m really thrilled that I’m going to have the chance to work on a novel this coming academic year.

This has been made possible through two generous grants from Arts Council England and The Society of Authors, which means that I can step back from teaching for part of each week and really get my head down properly. My school have been great, and have also honoured four weeks of term time sabbatical leave, which is fantastic.All of this means that I need to focus 100% on this manuscript, which in turn means stepping back from most other writing stuff, including posting here. So, no posts or weekly email updates for a while. 
More news on progress – or otherwise! – when I have it. Be good while I’m gone 😉