Fake News + Zuckerberg’s Algorithms = Blogging Again


I’m going to start blogging again more regularly. In the force of the wave of Facebook, it felt for a while like there was little point posting stuff elsewhere, but I’ve recently become frustrated with the whole ecosystem there, and not a little disgusted by the way that the site has functioned during the recent Brexit and US votes.

It’ll be brain-pickings, mostly very short, some just images, plus some longer posts exploring the things I’m thinking about at the moment.

I’ll (mostly) post links to Twitter and FB anyway, but I’m also starting a subscription list too, so if you sign up you’ll get a weekly-ish RSS digest of stuff direct to your inbox, far away from Zuckerberg’s algorithms.

If you’d like to sign up, just fill in the form below. No spam, I promise, just fresh mind-food 🙂