New Poem: Park




They will come here
all of them in
different groups and
all of them do
what they shouldn’t
smoke on benches
let dogs run wild
climb up slides
and push.

This is the park where,
on common ground through
uncommon years
we take our turns
and rebel.


© KB 2013


Was in the local park the other day, kicking a ball with my kids… They are such interesting city spaces, places where boundaries are pushed, all the play equipment used for something other than that for which it was designed: running up the slide, pushing the swings over the bar. Kids of 14 or 15 lounging on the roundabout, taking drags. And yet there’s something beautiful in this. Richard Sennett would call it the natural craftsman: children testing out materials and equipment to see what things they can do, not just using them for what they should do. Just as the older ones do with their bodies. Just as we all later do with our thoughts. Parklife.