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  • Cathedral of the Pines


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    If you happen to be around London over the next couple of months, I’d highly recommend going to The Photographers’ Gallery near Oxford Street to catch this (rare) exhibition of Gregory Crewdson’s new series of photographs. And, though they look more like paintings by Hopper, these are photographs. The technical set-ups for each shot require Hollywood…

  • Hockney at Tate Britain

    Excellent exhibition. Get there if you can. Find a Tate Member if possible 😉

  • New Poem: Park



    Park They will come here all of them in different groups and all of them do what they shouldn’t ………………………….like smoke on benches let dogs run wild climb up slides and push. This is the park where, on common ground through uncommon years we take our turns and rebel.   © KB 2013   Was in…

  • New Poem: Poetry, Today

    Today, perhaps, out of the air words will fix and form crystallised droplets from the swirling currents of the lexicon above. And today, perhaps, from the rivers within that wash past couplets in spinning eddies, slow sheets of solid forms will edge their way across finger-thin connections. Today, stamping in hoar frost, perhaps all that…

  • Temples and Follies

    Two things have caught my eye recently. Firstly, Alain de Botton’s continued plans for a ‘temple to perspective.’ The idea for this is to have a large, conic structure (shown) some 46m high, each centimetre of which will represent a million years of the earth’s history. The bottom millimetre of the whole structure will be…

  • It’s Time To Reclaim Guy Fawkes Night

    Seems to be an annual posting I know (see 2010‘s and 2009‘s!) but I’m really passionate about reclaiming Guy Fawkes night. Why? Partly because it’s very very English. This is not imported, it’s not some pagan festival that the Christians co-opted, and it’s not something that can be easily marketed and commodified by Supermarkets –…