There Is No Resurrection…



Life, After Death.

There is no resurrection
only life, after death:
after death, the resurrection,
in time, of life,
drawing vigour from
one that has passed
and refusing to let them pass
without their last blessing.

His favourite verse:
‘Jacob was left alone,
and a man wrestled with him til daybreak.’
‘The man said “Let me go, for it is daybreak.”
But Jacob replied, “I will not let you go
until you bless me.”‘

He would not let go,
and we will not let him go,
fuck no,
not without receiving the blessings
of a man who fought, who struggled
with the powerful,
wresting understanding.

Day breaks,
and these days
break us
but we will not let go.
His body you can have,
let its atoms renourish the earth;
but his spirit is ours,
for his life can yet renourish us.
You cannot have it.
You cannot fucking have it.
Not til that other day,
for til then,
this will be our resurrection,
our life, after death:
to take his life
and wrestle from it
the many blessings
it had fought so hard for
and won.


Rest, my friend, in peace. I miss you.



3 responses to “There Is No Resurrection…”

  1. You captured a mountain of grief and the beauty of the life. Tough to do. Thank you for sharing, especially in the midst of your pain.

  2. A fine tribute to the wrestling man. I was up in the Scottish hills yesterday, and the stags were calling his name. May he lead us all to Spirit.

  3. Bruised from the struggle. Along the river. Soothed by your words. Thank you.