Coming to America | Mutiny USA


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Been a pretty crazy time leading up to this, but really excited to be flying over to the US this Friday for 10 days or so of events promoting Mutiny!, mostly with my fellow insurrectionist, Pete Rollins. I’m particularly pleased to be able to be bringing this book to the US, because one of the key strands in the book is of the emerging United States as the ‘original pirate nation.’ It’s my humble contention that if America is to regain its greatness, then it needs to return to those pirate roots. Blackbeard for President!

Anyways, here’s the schedule with links for how to get tickets etc.:

Sunday 21st October | ‘The Last Trick’ |  7pm Deity Bar, Brooklyn, NYC

Accompanied by magicians and with DJ soundtrack, I’ll be drawing on The Prestige, The Usual Suspects and the pirate inspiration for Shakespeare’s last play, The Tempest, exploring what Prospero’s ‘last trick’ tells us about resisting power.

Wednesday 24th October |  Mutiny + Insurrection |  7pm Travis Auditorium, Fuller Campus, Pasadena

Hosted by The Berry Center for Lifelong Learning, I’ll be speaking with Peter Rollins and Barry Taylor, focusing on how the pirate archetype informs a radical new ‘dark reading’ of the prodigal son story.

Thursday 25th October | Homebrewed 3D Podcast | 7pm Monkish Brewing Co. Torrance, Los Angeles

Amongst great street food and micr0-brewed ales, I’ll be speaking about the key themes of Mutiny!, accompanied by philosopher and writer Peter Rollins and Barry Taylor, lecturer in advertising and consumer culture as well as artist in residence at the Brehm Centre.

Saturday 27th October | Mutiny and Insurrection | 10:30 – 3pm 506 Oakland Ave, Grand Rapids

This longer session will be a more in-depth opportunity to get to grips with the themes of my book Mutiny!, and Peter Rollins’ work Insurrection. Limited to 40 places.

Saturday 27th October | A Pirate, A Prophet and a Preacher | 6pm 506 Oakland Ave, Grand Rapids

An evening 3-way discussion/debate with Peter Rollins and Shane Hipps. With The Silver Spork Gourmet Food Truck on the premises, and Brewery Vivant and Michigan made wines too. Going to be a great evening.

Really looking forward to meeting people and engaging with the issues the book throws around. I’ll have copied to purchase at each event, at something of a piratic discount ;-). Spread the word!