This Site Complies with the ASA Rules on Marketing Claims

Good news – the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority is now extending its remit to cover marketing claims on websites.

Just to make sure we’re clear, I’ve been through all claims made on this site, and can safely say that I am fully compliant. All the below can be fully verified, viz.:

– Buying ‘Other‘ is guaranteed to enrich your life! Or your money back, times ten!

– If you suffer any ailments, click on my photo in the ‘About‘ page and you will be healed. From anything. Seriously.

– All monies donated to me via my PayPal account will go to helping rescue the kittens that Pete Rollins regularly slaughters when people don’t read his stuff.

Hope that’s put your minds at rest. Now go look in the mirror. Your visiting this site was an act of faith that God has rewarded. You now have gold teeth.


One response to “This Site Complies with the ASA Rules on Marketing Claims”

  1. Bloody Hell, you’re right! I DO have gold teeth. Phew, that’s put my mind at rest!