Korea to Iraq… Who’s next?

A little dated now, but still a great video from Knife Party, with polemic text by Barry Mcnamara, outlining one perspective on American militarism. With Gordon Brown giving evidence at the Iraq inquiry today, it seemed resonant, especially the astonishing statistic that the US has been at war with someone around the world at all times since the Korean war of 1953.

Do I think it’s that simple? No. But nor do I think it’s as simple as counter-texts such as the ‘axis of evil’ speech make out either. And nor do I think that Britain – or any other nation/people who fetishise capital – are any better than the US. It’s not them, it’s us. This whole Iraq war, and the whole concept of a ‘war on terror’ has been a total debacle, and capitalism has been right at the centre of it.


2 responses to “Korea to Iraq… Who’s next?”

  1. Karsten R

    well, probably the world would look much better if the US would not be a superpower and thus Kim Il Sung had conquered South Korea (we would not have to fear Korean companies taking away our jobs and money and dumping salaries for the rest) as well as it would have been better the US and others had not intervened in Bosnia and Milosevic had been successful in preventing the area to become the first bridgeheads of coming Islamic rule. List could be easily continued…

    But reality is not like simple pictures, isn’t it?

  2. Absolutely it could. And I hope you picked up that I was not singling the US out for criticism… it’s deeper than that, and we’re all implicated.