In the Dining Room of The School of Life


Having sniffed around all the interesting things they’ve been doing since they started 8 months or so ago, I finally went to an event by The School of Life. And very wonderful it was too.

Taking over the top floor of the excellent Marylebone restaurant The Providores, we arrived and were sat deliberately with people we didn’t know, and handed not only a food menu, but a conversation too. This outlined some key questions for us to discuss with those at our tables of four. After each course we were moved to new places.

So, while eating a very fine piece of Welsh lamb, I was also being challenged to think about questions such as ‘when did you stop being a child?’ and ‘who is the most unlikely person you have become friends with?’

The idea of The School of Life is very simple: to help those who take part to become better people. Their programme of courses, one day ‘holidays’ and ‘sermons’ are all quirky, led by top-notch people, and a great deal of fun. Highly recommended. It’s what church should always have been.


One response to “In the Dining Room of The School of Life”

  1. Katherine

    been meaning to check out one of their events for ages… particularly like the idea of their bibliotherapy. but it sounds like dinner was fun so maybe I’ll do that instead…