Theology and the New Physics [6] | Heaven Is A [Parallel] Place [not quite] On Earth

heavenJust a final thought to wrap up this series of posts reflecting on some theological implications of the new physics: as I mentioned, one implication of the Many Worlds Interpretation appears to be that of eternal life. The concept of Quantum Suicide suggests that at each ‘quantum moment’ I might die in one universe – but remain alive in another, and this process continues ad infinitum.

It struck me today that this same idea could be applied morally too. At each moment of decision, thought or action, the Many Worlds Interpretation suggests that a quantum split occurs for each possible outcome. In one universe I think that terrible thought; in another I don’t.

So in amongst this near-infinity of parallel universes there exists, according to the MWI, a universe in which I have made all the right decisions, thought all the purest thoughts and acted in the most gracious and loving way. Indeed, if this is true, theoretically there will exist one parallel universe in which we have all done so.

It is the Quantum Heaven. It is not this universe. And there may be no dogs there.


5 responses to “Theology and the New Physics [6] | Heaven Is A [Parallel] Place [not quite] On Earth”

  1. Hey, that’s MY dog.

  2. i think you are right but the think that those parallel universes are heaven and hell. where you will be judged by the lord of what you did all your life then He will decide which one you have to go hell or heaven and i think science can t reach that level of devellopement

  3. was this post aided by any special sorts of medication? or at least was the choice of picture?

  4. Err… That’d be telling. And the picture… Yeah, that’s from a place beyond our universe. A very odd place. With dogs. Hmmmm.

  5. I really don’t think we could find dogs in this place. I think it exists certainly two parallel univierses and i totaly agree with the last post, they are the heaven and the hell, those are believes of people who has unbroken faith which also science is not going to descover exactly its fativility, because it is based on faithfulness and only God know.