This blog is off for a week.


No internet. No phone. No CCTV. No police.

Whiskey, northern light, golden sands. And rain probably, but who cares?


6 responses to “Off.”

  1. spank it real hard! !-)

  2. weather is good up here kester – hope you get to enjoy the peace and sunshine

  3. did you get northern lights? for real?

  4. did you really get northern lights?

  5. Light, singular… It’s just amazing up there – it’s still dusky light at 11:30, and the whole place is just sort of photogenic. Gorgeous.

  6. that is why you should never believe the bbc weather map – it always says it is raining here but we like to keep up the big charade and fool you southern pixies into thnking that – it is NICE here eh?!