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I went to see The Long Road at the Soho Theatre on Tuesday night. It’s a new play by Shelagh Stephenson based on her experience of working with Synergy Theatre and The Forgiveness Project in some of the UK’s toughest gaols. It’s been directed by Synergy founder (and brother of Jonny) Esther Baker, and follows the story of a family grieving the loss of their son, needlessly stabbed to death at a bus stop, and their move towards meeting the killer.

The people who know best say she’s done a fantastic job:

“Esther Baker’s impeccably acted production confirms the play’s suggestion that restorative justice is far from a soft option.”****’

Sarah Hemming, The Financial Times

“Rare and remarkable, this is drama that cries out for attention, and richly rewards it… The acting is tremendous.”

Charles Spencer, The Telegraph

And she has. When a play leaves with questions about your own life and attitudes towards living it, and challenges you to re-think, you know it’s proper theatre. What the hell would I do if it was my son who was stabbed to death? I’m afraid to even peer into that abyss, and hope I never have to, but for those in and around the criminal justice system, that’s what they have to do. And what society demands they do in response to that does affect us all.

If you’re in town, go and see it. With great talks around the issues before each Tuesday performance. On til 5th June.


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