Urgent Help Needed – Fire at The Simple Way Community

Many of you will know Shane Claiborne, and maybe will have read his book The Irresistible Revolution, or read about The Simple Way community in Philadelphia.

A fire has totally destroyed their buildings. 8 families are homeless.

Please read on and consider supporting these wonderful people in this great time of need:


Over 100 people were evacuated from their homes, and 400 families are currently without power. Despite this developing tragedy, we are incredibly thankful to share that all of our community members and every one of our neighbors is safely out of harm’s way. 

This fire will forever change the fabric of our community. Eight families are currently homeless, and in many cases have lost their vehicles as well as their homes. One of our neighbors, the Mahaias Family, lost their three cars as well as the equipment one family member uses for her massage therapy business. Teenager Brian Mahaias is devastated not because he has lost his belongings, but because he fears that this fire will force him to move away from this neighborhood that is his family as well as his home. 

The Simple Way has lost a community center that was home to our Yes! And… afterschool program, community arts center, and Cottage Printworks t-shirt micro-business as well as to two of our community members. Community members Shane Claiborne and Jesce Walz have lost all of their belongings, Yes!And…’s after school studio and library were ruined, and community member Justin Donner’s Cottage Printworks equipment and t-shirts were destroyed. 

We are thankful that we are able to help each other during this time of need, and we will continue to keep your informed about today’s events. 

We have established funds to support the families who have lost their homes, the Yes! And… afterschool program, and the Simple Way community. 

A fund to support the families has been established through a partner organization, EAPE. Tax-deductible donations can be made at https://www.tonycampolo.org/donate.php#ssl. Please make sure to put “Kensington Families Fund” in the memo section. 

Donations to the Rebuilding Fund can be made via PayPal to contribute@awip.us.

Our prayers are with you Shane.

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2 responses to “Urgent Help Needed – Fire at The Simple Way Community”

  1. I got an email from Jamie Moffett/TSW today – “We’re ok for now, just holding on and trying to get as many needs met as we can. Busy, but everyone’s in good spirits here.” For updates on how you can help, log on to http://www.thesimpleway.com – for now the only thing they really need are monetary donations to help rebuild both TSW and the neighborhood.

  2. Jane Savage

    We are praying for your provision and complete recovery. You are all an inspiration and blessing to so many. May God continue to fill you and pour out His Love and support through His people.
    In Christ,
    Jane and Dennis Savage