Plogging: You Read It Here First

One of the things I dislike about blogging is the volatility of posts: you write your heart out, and in a couple of days it’s disappeared into the aether, too far down for scrolling, rarely to be seen again.

Perhaps this is why Doug Pagitt has decided that blogs are not a good way to conduct discussion and debate. I disagree, but personally need a different format to keep up with what I’ve written. I just don’t find online archives a good way to browse back.

Hence I hearby declare the word created, and announce the arrival of Plogging: Publishing a hard copy of your blog.

Sic_coverI called the book (sic) – “an adverb used in brackets after a copied or quoted word that appears odd or erroneous to show that the word is quoted exactly as it stands in the original” – which sums it up pretty well I think. Mine is a beautifully bound edition of the unexpurgated posts, comments and tags from this blog, July – December 2005.

It’s really easy to do through Lulu – an excellent online publisher, which I think is going to radically change the nature of publishing as we know it.

Hardback edition available [here]

Softback edition available [here]

PDF previews of the first few pages are available there too. I’m personally really excited about having a hard copy of the blog – it runs to 260 pages or so – and being able to browse a book, rather than a screen! Looking through it, it’s amazing to be reminded of the stuff people have contributed… dirt, humour, insight. Doing so makes me want to challenge Doug to think again. Going private on discussion may not do everyone a service.

No I don’t expect any sales. And no I haven’t considered copyright of people’s comments ;p


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29 responses to “Plogging: You Read It Here First”

  1. Love this idea… it is something I will certainly do at the end of “Telford year1” the blog for me is a record of the journey, so to be able to have hard copies inc comments will be V useful…

  2. Fantastic idea. I ordered a copy immediately. However when I realised the shipping more than doubled the cost I cancelled double quick. Sorry.

  3. looks great – and a good recommendation by Christ Brain ๐Ÿ˜‰
    One question how did you get the content off your blog – the only way I can see to do it is manually… Does typepad offer some whiffy PDF export option??

  4. Yes, the shipping is rather prohibitive. If you’d really like one Graham, I’ve got a few on order (much cheaper shipping bulk) which I was going to let a few people have, so you could buy one from me…
    I use Ecto, which helps. I downloaded the Word template from Lulu, set up various styles to format the various sections, then cut and pasted. Didn’t take long once the system was up and running. In future I think I’ll do a regular save to Word to ease it at the end of the year.
    That said, if anyone from Typepad is out there… A more sophisticated export is a feature I’d love.
    Glad you liked the cheeky Brain recommendation – couldn’t resist ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Wow – that looks VERY cool. I’d love to have a hard copy too. However, the 1 posts I have on Typepad seems a **bit** daunting right now. My fiancee saves all her posts in Word when she types them. Yah, she’s smarter than I am. This would definitely take a long time, but I really like the idea of plogging.

  6. Uhh, shoot. I meant to type in 1093 posts. Yah, 1 post doesn’t seem too daunting. 1093 posts does.

  7. Ouch… seems like you’re wife has done the right thing there!
    Seems like Amazon already called something Plogging, but what the hell, I like it. Jonny reckons ‘flogging’ would be better… Joker! He’s right though – the self-publishing possibilities are huge. I just hope the postage costs come down.
    Jason Clark has also posted about it… And people have been wondering what the difference is between Plogging and just publishing a journal. Simple: the comments. (sic) is a hard copy of a conversation, with all the detrius, diamonds, throwaway comments… and blankings included.
    That’s what I like about it as a concept: the dirt is included. And that’s what makes it a genuine conversation, but not idle chat. The posts are considered thoughts, but the comments are unedited, and there’s something rich about that.

  8. I’d be interested in what you think of the quality of the binding, etc, once you get them.
    Definitely an interesting idea.

  9. Blooking?
    Read my Blook?
    Offline blogging?

  10. Dana Ames

    I’m amused at the coined word, but got even more of a chuckle seeing “aether” – you Brits with your extra vowels ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Looks interesting. Keep us posted.

  12. Analogging. That I do like. Let’s face it, it’s a pretty anal activity. Blook is also very nice.
    Glad you found the extra vowels to be gelogenic Dana, though I hope you are not being charientistic. We like to do things right over here. Even at this anti-jentucular time of day, we’re fairly lexicographically orthodox, and some have been known to observe a pernocation seeking the correct spelling, if that’s not to be too romodontade about our fine race. If yo’ gut ma drif’. ;p


    I want one, K… I will hack yer hosting and delete everything if you don’t sell me one… at an exhorborant price, natuarally.

  14. Kool. Glad you liked the songs too ;[)
    I’m going to do a bulk order to get the post costs down… Anyone else want one while I’m at it? Hardback? Paperback? Let me know. Don’t worry, there’s no royalties added!

  15. Dana Ames

    All right, young smartass, you made me haul out the dictionary! Satisfied now???!!!
    LTIC (laughed ’til I cried)


    Whatever is cheaper is best…
    or, in msn-speak;
    wtvr z \ยฃ/ gdgd ๐Ÿ˜‰


    LOL. ComplexCorp(TM), nice.

  18. Cool Flan. Thanks for email too. Be back on it after w/e mull.
    Dana, if you liked that, then you’d LOVE this.
    It’s a steatopygous work of sciolistic genius.

  19. Dana Ames


  20. Hey, but weren’t we all ๐Ÿ˜‰
    And the joke’s in the title, get it?

  21. K, This is great. I can’t put it down. I’ve trawled through your archives in the past but like you say (somewhere else) it’s just not the same as a book. I feel compelled to turn my own blog into a book, but alas, I’m just not profound or interesting!
    I love the conversation that gets going as you read through. It’s like reading “Colossians Remixed” without the feeling that the discussion was contrived!


    Gr8 price mate.
    Makes a gr8 door-stop too, chrz.

  23. Thanks, that’s very kind! I’m actually really enjoying it/finding it a useful format too. Although I’d disagree with the view that the change in format changes the meaning of the text, I feel that it does change my perception of it… Reading off the page tends to be deeper, slower, less rushed. I’d certainly recommend it.


    True, true. And my wife is tickled pink to see “*FNG* Solo” in print!!!

  25. Looks like uk printing by lulu is on the way:

  26. Thanks – that’s great news! Interesting to note the history – the guy who set it up is the one behind Red Hat, the Linux version, and is very much a ‘democracy of technology’ guy. A real revolution in publishing. Going to be very interesting to see how the traditional publishers respond.

  27. If a web log is a blog, isn’t a book log a Klog?