Protest4 | The Truth Isn’t Sexy

As the government releases its proposals about clamping down on prostitution, there’s a timely release of Protest4’s website and presence.

Si Johnston has had a passion for justice in this area – people trafficking, sexual slavery and abuse – for a long time, and I’m confident that the viral strategy he’s set up is a great way forward.

It’s entirely run by volunteers: lean, keen and… not at all mean. Do click, support and spread the word.

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2 responses to “Protest4 | The Truth Isn’t Sexy”

  1. This is an effort that is truly worthy of our prayers and financial support. It’s great to see Christians involved in it!

  2. Kester, thanks for the plug.
    really liked the ‘neophilia’ post too – on the money mate. Looking forward to your visit.