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  • “Money Having No Impact on Youth Crime” | “MPs Reject Need For Father in IVF”


    Two pieces followed one-another on the radio this morning: MPs voted last night to remove the clause that required IVF clinics to consider the need for a child to have a father and a mother – essentially opening the way for women to have the treatment without any father-figure being present in the prospective child’s…

  • UK Wants Database of Every Phonecall, Email and Page View | Stop This Madness!!



    Shocking news today: the UK government is proposing to create a database of every phonecall made and email message sent. (Update – original article in The Times here.) Yes, you did read that right: that would mean the government would effectively be tapping every phone call and intercepting every email and monitor every page view.…

  • Clinton? Obama? McCain? This Guy Gets My Vote…


    Thanks so much to Shane and his people for sending me a copy of his new book, written with Chris Haw, Jesus for President. It’s gorgeous to look at and hold, fabulously designed, and perfectly balanced between seriousness and playfulness… starting with the title. Why can’t every Christian book be like this? I just hope…

  • The Final Word on Politics, The Credit Squeeze, Iraq, Boris and Everything…


    A wonderful letter in today’s Independent: Sir: After a decade in which the electorate have been treated like idiots; when alternative political visions became a thing of the past and voting became a choice between different sets of accountants or fund managers; when a prime minister takes us into a catastrophic war based on lies,…

  • Cans Festival | Get Your Stencils Ready


    “A street party of stencil art” Leake Street, London Waterloo. 3-5th May. Technorati: London

  • So What’s Worse…?


    Your one-time minister saying some outrageous things about 9/11, or being married to a man who had his cigar smoked in the Oval Office? I don’t get it – surely Bill should be the persona non grata on the campaign trail? Technorati: Clinton | Obama