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Ph-TapShocking news today: the UK government is proposing to create a database of every phonecall made and email message sent. (Update – original article in The Times here.) Yes, you did read that right: that would mean the government would effectively be tapping every phone call and intercepting every email and monitor every page view. What is this madness we’re walking in to?! I actually had to check the date of the article to check it wasn’t an old April Fool.

No need to ask about the reasons – it’s our good old friend National Security. Just a wild guess, but I suspect it would get raided every time a crime occurred, to see if there was anything incriminating out there… and that would mean our everyday PC Plod fumbling around with data… and that would inevitably mean abuse of the system.

This from a government whose track-record on data protection has been terrible.

Oppose this now. Spread the word and raise awareness. Phone your MP. Email them. Write to them. And, if you can, get some of that ‘this message will self-destruct’ paper from the movies.

PS – hello lackey in MI5 trawling through suspect material. Yes I am planning to assassinate Bush, and Brown, and I have links with Al Queda, and Osama’s hiding out at my house. NOW. Perhaps I’m just over-reacting having watched a Bourne movie last night…

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3 responses to “UK Wants Database of Every Phonecall, Email and Page View | Stop This Madness!!”

  1. Oh dear. Looks like the world has gone mad.

  2. is this another, “peter rollins book is going to the shredder” kind of thing?
    poor poor people. welcome to 1984?!!

  3. What’s the expression again, “When you fight a dragon, don’t become a dragon.” It looks like fear wins again (which is why I think John McCain could win again in the U.S.)