Benny and the Blue Whale

Great fun to go hear Mr Gum creator Andy Stanton talk about his new book, Benny and the Blue Whale this week.

Andy is a very talented children’s writer – but so much more too, and his deep dive into language and how he used ChatGPT to create a very extraordinary story about a whale with a tiny penis, turns out to be a wonderful meditation on human creativity.

Go get a copy. It’s very good.

I was very surprised to be called upon in the Q&A as someone asked Andy ‘where did AI come from’, and he turned to the audience and said, ‘well, I think there’s someone here who’s written a book about exactly that,’ and then asked me to say a little something. That was not in the script! But lovely nonetheless. Do go read the book!


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  1. Joshua Noel

    Love your stuff on AI that you’re doing recently! I’m the host of the podcast, The Whole Church Podcast, and we would really like to have you on our show to discuss AI and maybe also pirates! If possible to schedule an interview, please email me at

    Looking forward to speaking soon!

  2. Thanks Joshua! Just checking in here and getting back to comments. Quite a few pods recorded recently, which are coming out over time, so we’re just working to make sure there’s balance on the coverage. Can you get back in a month or so? If you email with a pitch that’d be great. Thank you!

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