Inaugurate Something… and Make Trump Irrelevant Again


My suggestion for marking Trump’s inauguration would be to inaugurate some amazing thing, some small seed of action that’ll build bridges and tear down prejudice.

At the moment, the three most troubling words I know are ‘God,’ ‘bless,’ and ‘America,’ and every time I hear them in sequence part of my brain freezes. Can anyone tell me what this even means, or what possible theological position could argue that a God would or should offer some special blessing to one specific nation state, while others flail in flood and famine? This language, long used, seems more contorted now than it has in the past, with these billionaires making up a cabinet of horrible Christian intolerance.

Seems to me America will be made great when ordinary Americans unite in great acts of resistance to this administration packed tight with ignorance.

In short, what they – and we all – need to do is be so green, so welcoming, so generous, so empathetic, so pro-equality that Trump’s policies and views become an embarrassing irrelevance.