Next Up, Capitalism Is Killing Us

Lead stories on the radio this morning: 

How a third of fathers want a less stressful job so they can actually spend time with their kids. 

Eight people in the world have more wealth than the poorest 50%

The UK’s National Institute for Clinical Excellence rejects a life-extending cancer drug for use on NHS because it’s too costly.

In short: capitalism is killing us or, at the very least, doing immense harm to the vast majority of people. That we don’t hear this is, I think, increasingly remarkable. To borrow from Adam Smith, this ‘invisible hand’ that is strangling so many is getting away with it.

As to why that is, Raoul Martinez makes a very compelling argument in Creating Freedom

It really is a very very important book, one that I highly recommend to anyone interested in a smart reinvigoration of societal-ist ideas. Because, let’s face it, we need action pretty quickly now.