Update | Rooks


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Thought it might be worth posting an update here to say…that there may not be many updates here. I’m currently focusing hard on some new writing work, a piece of long fiction, so will be probably posting here less, unless it’s going badly, in which case I’ll be procrastinating right here.

I spent the last few days down with the fine people at Pickwell Manor (highly recommended – beautiful place). Don’t think I’ve ever seen the weather so still. The normally surf-mad sea was like a lake, crystal clear and silent. Rare to be so far from roads that the sounds are what nature offers, and it was into that quiet that the rooks broke in, performing some piece or another high up in an oak. So I’ll leave you with this, and report back in good time.


This murder of rooks,
in gnarly tree-tops
by some surgeon past, shook
and lopped,
have the galleries green
for their speeches
ever so quiet been?
Rants and caws
flapped wings in wide protest
tapped beaks, hopping claws
– a shadowy troupe and
no breath dares, save
the bustle of the insects
disturb the evening show,
lights dimming and
the acoustic set right
to carry across the stillness
this black comedy,
this dark portentous
flying circus.

(c) KB 2013