New Poem: Blue




The far sky
the deep night
the deep ocean
deep throat
the sound of
the colour of
the damned hue
that will not

(c) KB 2013


Radiolab on lack of blue in any ancient texts here;
Charlie Byrd playing ‘Blues for Night People’ here;
Still no one can tell me why it’s called ‘the blues.’




2 responses to “New Poem: Blue”

  1. it could be related to the fact that light blue is the colour used to portray the sin of slothfulness–and the roots of sloth are in sadness and despair rather than laziness as it is now often understood–why light blue? well, lust which is unbridled passion and zeal is characterized by deep blue–sloth perhaps being the opposite of zeal for life—so perhaps there is a tenuous link here?

  2. Good theory – I like that a lot (see also this article Luke Sital-Singh posted on Twitter) but it still leaves me wondering about the next step back: why is zeal characterised by deep blue?!