iOS 7 | Robot Cockroaches | Prism


Sometimes a group of news stories come out that make you think that perhaps there is some divinely comic dark force behind everything. God, or The Bilderberg Group. Or Prehistoric Lizards.

In the last couple of days we’ve had a triad of such stories…and I refuse to believe that they are unrelated.

Firstly, we’ve had the whistle blown on the PRISM programme that basically means that the US authorities are able to hack your entire life at will. Credit cards, passwords, Google searches, downloads, SatNav routes… PRISM means that, as per the slogan they hang up around NSA offices:

‘With PRISM you are PWNED.’

But is this really a leak? Or just a permitted, controlled drip-feed to get us used to the idea of uber-alles-observation?

Secondly though, as if some great circus trick needed to be performed to get the masses smiling again after this privacy horror-show revelation, we had the WWDC event at Apple (yep, the same Apple who apparently allow the NSA direct access to their servers) who announced the release of iOS7. In the society of the spectacle, these events are the crowning glory, the bright fireworks that turn gawpers blind. They could have literally led a mule across the stage and announced it as iDonkey and people would have applauded.

‘This release will finally make my life content, smooth, successful and beautiful,’

one geek was caught on tape saying as he drooled onto his keep-forever-lanyard.

Thirdly, at a TEDx conference in Edinburgh today, a scientist will welcome on stage a bunch of robot cockroaches. Yes, you heard it right. With the addition of a chip-set wired directly into their brains, you will now be able to control – via an iPhone app – just how fast your cockroaches scuttle away to dark corners when you flick on your iTorch in the dead of night. Excitedly, the scientist will outline how this cyborg technology could also be used on humans.

Come on people… All of this in week when the secretive Bilderberg Group have been meeting?

In this media age it’s vital to be able to see under the surface of the disparate messages that THE MACHINE puts out for us. Clearly, what Bilderberg has a plan that they want us to subtle come to terms with, our technology take-home message of the week: while you might think you are part of a great democracy based on free speech, actually


You heard it here first, insects.



2 responses to “iOS 7 | Robot Cockroaches | Prism”

  1. There is way too much reality in this piece. Watch your back Kester!

  2. *Watch* my back? I ripped the circuit off mine – going invisible for a while!