Wider Angle | Summer Nods



You ALL wanted a late-summer hip-hop/turntablist* mix I scratched together from some very old head-nodding tunes right? Thought so!

Or download.

Track listing:

Best Foot Forward // DJ Shadow

Rocking With The Best // Alkoholics

Viagra // DJ Vadim

Stakes is High // De La Soul

Concrete Schoolyard // Jurassic 5

Showtime // Big Dada Sound

Return of the B-boy // Mr. Lif

Friction // DJ Vadim

Spit // Show & AG

Earthcrusher // Mr. Lif

Midnight in a Perfect World // DJ Shadow

Only the Strong Survive // DJ Krush

Nefisa // Earthling

Action Satisfaction // Jurassic 5

UK Warriors // Roots Manuva

Witness Dub // Roots Manuva

Freak Freak // Earthling

Building Steam With a Grain of Salt // DJ Shadow


* For the polite amongst you who can’t stomach the word, just clink your glasses over dinner to ‘contemporary urban poetry’ and see how it goes down !-)