Catching Up… Forthcoming Writing Projects etc.



Finishing off teaching for the year over the next few days, and then heading into a summer break for 7 weeks or so… so that means a) lots of time to do stuff and b) lots of time to do nothing! I really need to work on the latter to be honest…just have a proper break and let the sediment settle awhile.

Going to be heading to Italy to crash on a beach with an old friend, then down into France too, but I’ve got some things on the boil too, and thought I might share a few of them:

Firstly, I’m going to be continuing to push a novel that I’ve written and try to get representation for it. So if you know any agents who you think might be interested, let me know.

Secondly, and connectedly, I’ve been thinking for a while that the story that the novel is based on (set in a school, plotting the breakdown and restoration of a teacher) would work well on stage, so I’m hoping to finish a first-draft of a script for that.

Third thing: if I get some time I’d quite like to turn the three posts on ‘Religion as Illusion’ into a (very) short book, which I’d do in the same way as Mutiny! – ie self publish, with some nice bonus features too. I’m fascinated by magic and the process of illusion, and would love to expand the thoughts I set down quickly there…drawing in some thinking I’ve done on Harry Potter and the place of the resurrection too. Hot tip: it won’t make easy or orthodox reading!

Finally, one of the reasons I’ve loved self-publishing Mutiny! is that it’s so flexible. So over the next week or two I’m going to be offering some ‘hacks’ – ways that people will be able to take the book and make it their own. Watch this space! I’ll also be talking about the book at Greenbelt – where there’ll be some very special hardbacks to get your hands on… and I’m planning a little visit across the pond to the US in October, to do some stuff in NYC and (hopefully) LA and Boston. Get in touch if you want me to visit 😉

OK… end of term quiz to write… ‘Which female British Prime Minister…’