As copies of Mutiny! get around and are being read, people have been getting in touch highlighting some typos etc.. I have mixed feelings about this… obviously I aimed to put out a ‘perfect’ manuscript, but at the same time, was aware that with the model I was using I didn’t have the services of a professional proof-reader, so there were bound to be errors that crept in and remained hidden… hence the disclaimer ‘there will be errors’ in the front matter.

On another plane, I’m really not too fussed. Of those that have been flagged up, I don’t think any prohibit the basic meaning being communicated… and there’s something wabi-sabi about being content with imperfection.

So hey, if you spot a typo, check with the list I’ll keep here, add it to the comments if it’s not, and we’ll work together to make the 2nd edition a little more perfect…and you can then sit back in satisfaction that you got a dirty, original, raw first edition. Far better, right? All part of the pirate project. 😉

Thanks to Jeff, Matt and Tim for these so far.



Page 5 – should be ‘must be the fifth ‘pirate party…

Page 8 – eek should be eke

Page 13 – ‘As the Maynard and the crew of the Ranger’

Page 15 – ‘texts – Homer’s Odyssey and Iliad included, – mention

Page 16 – imperial, not empirical

Page 30 – this is where the pirate publishers came in.

Page 45 – as they knew they couldn’t change…

Page 51 – an attempt to fight power against power.

Page 53 – fragment of nature that than could be tamed only by death

Page 90 – Wendy’s wife was

Page 93 – keep their her own earnings.

Page 96 – his he knows the decision he must take.

Page 97 – Leia, not Leah, through out. Pah – like I CARE about spelling Star Wars characters right! (Actually, I do)

Page 103 – this piratic work of decay and reuse is, in both biological and psychological terms, is what

Page 110 – about the war he had long fought it in.

Page 125 – strength and verve at later last,

Page 138 – think that the answer is ever simple,

Page 153 – worked to separated



3 responses to “Errata”

  1. This isn’t all the stuff, Kester. if you aren’t going to be as concerned as me about the composition of the surface of Hoth or the way the first Death Star was constructed, I don’t know if I can be your stalker any more. I’m serious. I just ripped the head off one of your photos in the KB shrine in my bedroom. Did you get the Solstice card I sent you? I know the court order says I can’t send you stuff, but I made the sunbeams out of foil and just had to show you.

  2. Hahahaha. I’m sorry. I just couldn’t bring myself to own up publicly to those. They’ll be changed more subtly. Hope you can remain my stalker. I heard stalkers sometimes send money, or single malt whiskey. The Macallan, for example, have a very good 18 year old that I hear is popular among stalker gift buyers!

  3. I managed to find a single Malteser. Is that kind of what you are after?