The time for Mutiny has finally come!

I was going to wait until everything had worked itself through various systems and things were sorted on Amazon and iBookstore etc, but in the end I thought sod it – just let the thing run free now… especially as Lulu are offering a really nice site-wide discount for the next few days only.

Get hold of copies here:

Paperback: Lulu |  Amazon (coming shortly)

Ebook: Lulu |  Kindle (US / Canada) |  Kindle (UK)  |  iBookstore  &  Nook (coming shorly)

Or you can ask your bookstore to stock a copy, quoting the ISBN: 978-0-9559813-7-1

There is no big ad budget or marketing push behind the book – in true pirate style it’s going to rely on more under-the-radar information networks… So any reviews you can write, or links you can spread around your social networks – it’d all be appreciated!


Limited Edition Hardbacks

These are currently unavailable… check my Twitter feed for news on if I decide to go back into production!

As you may have read, I am also producing a very special limited edition set of hand-printed hardbacks. These will be produced one-by-one by me, and sent out individually… which means you’ll need to be a little bit patient. I’ve tried to keep costs as fair as possible, while taking into account the time, materials and postage etc. Here’s the pricing…

UK: £15 + £4 pp  |  Europe: €20 + €6 pp  |  US / Canada / Rest of World: $24 + $10pp





16 responses to “Mutiny! Available Now!”

  1. Hi, the ‘Buy Now’ button just seems to take me through to my Paypal homepage…is that what it’s meant to do?

  2. Sorry – paypal screwed up on me… edited post to give an email link now… should work ok! Will get the buttons sorted later. 😎

  3. Should be sorted now…

  4. Wonderful. Downloaded it and got it straight into my Readmill-App …

  5. Hi Kester,

    We have rather lost contact of late. Thought i would let you know that I have downloaded a copy of Mutiny on Kindle. Looking forward to digging into it.

    Hope all is well.


  6. Too true – be great to see you, and hear about your diggings too. Things good?

  7. I can’t believe it I am a year into writing my book Pirate Theology and this comes out it just goes to show that the time is ripe for this thinking. I will enjoy reading your work and I hope that it is different enough that I do not have to shelf my project.

  8. Yeah, things are good.

    Bizarrely … teaching NLP on a business degree in Newham (and loving it!) and slowly getting together some workshops around non-cognitive (body-senses) knowledge and our experience of the more-than-human world. Guess my battlings with Heidegger inspired me to push out to the margins of language and cognitive thinking. The path from deconstructive theology to eco-psychology is shorter than it seems! Won’t be at GB this year but would love to return when I have wrapped some of my explorations up into a form that might contribute to a GB context.

    And will let you know when have made inroads into your new volume!

  9. Sounds good, is it fiction or non-fiction? Just wondering…

  10. It’s non-fiction… but not everything you read is true 😉

    Sounds good Alistair – would be very interested to catch up. Some personal development stuff in the book I hope will spark some thoughts… do let me know!

    And Patrik – very sure there’s room in the the world for more than one book of pirate theology! Hope you enjoy reading… and hopefully, probably, to be honest, it’ll be different enough to your angle. Do shout though – be great to hear where you’re going with things.

  11. Bought one of those exciting looking hardbacks! Now quite excited about receiving it.

  12. Bruce Grindlay

    OK. Ordered a copy from “Lulu”. Will be interested to see how long it takes to get to Adelaide in Australia. I have a Kobo e-reader. Anyone have an idea how I might be able to get an “e” copy on it? Thanks.

  13. Seems to be pretty straightforward:

    Hope hardcopy doesn’t take too long to arrive!

  14. Gary Manders

    Thanks Kester. I am enjoying the Pirate read!

  15. Bruce Grindlay

    Mutiny arrived Adelaide south australia 19 June. Started reading straight away!

  16. Great stuff! Thanks for all your kind comments Bruce. Really hope you enjoy reading!