Wild Goose Talk – Audio Download

Apologies for dodgy sound quality – just put my phone to record by the PA, but the audio of my talk at Wild Goose is available here:

The feedback from Wild Goose has been incredibly positive. Well done to all those who put it together – it deserves to have a really positive impact on faith in the US, and beyond.


8 responses to “Wild Goose Talk – Audio Download”

  1. Daniel Miller

    oh man, do you know if there was a board recording?

  2. No, there wasn’t – which I was annoyed about, so just quickly put my phone down by a speaker. Sorry… didn’t even have time to check level.

  3. acetate monkey

    Hi Kester,
    Is there any way of getting this as mp3 so I can listen without being web-tied? (Sadly demonstrating my lack of up-to-date portable technology here!)

  4. Acetate Monkey

    Hi Kester,
    Sorry to be a pain. I can play it still as a web-page but not lift it into a seperate mp3. Sorry

  5. I watched your talk on YouTube. You seemed to be saying that you think God doesn’t answer prayer and is not as good as broadband. I hope I have got this wrong?

  6. Thanks for commenting Jane. Before I answer as to whether or not I believe God answers prayer, could I ask you if you really, truly believe that God does? Because if God really does, then why do we not take prayer more seriously? If I can talk to GOD, and God actually replies… well that’s extraordinary.

    On the broadband issue…the context was a poster outside a local church, which claimed that prayer was ‘better than broadband.’ I think it’s a bit like saying ‘honey is better than toasters.’

  7. Yes I do ‘really truly’ believe that God answers prayer. Yes it’s extraordinary. Christianity is extraordinary but it happens to be true! I do take prayer seriously. That doesn’t mean I always pray as often or as much as I would like to, but when I do I am never disappointed. God does answer prayer! He may not always give us the answers we want but He does answer and He does speak to us.

    So what is your answer?!

    I don’t understand your comment about honey and toasters, unless you mean that there can be no comparison, which of course is true. But in plain English, what point were you trying to make about the poster?