‘Other’ now available in the US/UK as eBook | US Print Edition Coming Soon

Really pleased to announce that the UK edition of ‘Otheris available in the US and Canada as an eBook via Amazon (as it is in the UK too.) As I’m sure you know, you don’t need an actual Kindle to read Kindle downloads – you can get the software for free on your Mac or PC or mobile. I’ve got a copy on the Kindle app on the iPad, and it looks great.

If you’ve got an iPad, it’s also in the native iBookstore too, but I can’t link to that – sort it out Apple!

As for a print edition, negotiations with a US publisher are in (hopefully) the final stages, and a US print edition should be available in a couple of months, which will be great.

If you’ve not read it yet, ‘Other’ is an attempt to unpack what Jesus’ summary of the law might mean in the politically complex and technologically advanced world we are living in:

Noisy neighbours, international terrorism, racism, teenage violence and religious fundamentalism … from the personal to the local to the international and theological, it is our failure to engage ‘the other’ that is at the heart of so many of the problems we face.

It draws on a huge variety of sources, taking in pirates, AA Milne, Zizek, Facebook, Heidegger, Celebrity culture and video gaming…all spiced with some original poetry too. And some great people have said some great things about it:

Brian Mclaren:

With his new book Other, English author Kester Brewin joins Peter Rollins from Ireland and David Dark from the US as leading public theologians for a new generation of thoughtful Christians. He moves gracefully from Scripture to philosophy to pop culture to sociology and back to Scripture again, offering fresh, honest, and needed insights at each turn.

Pete Rollins:

In our socially networked and technologically advanced world we remain surrounded by mystery: the mystery of others, the divine mystery and mystery that we are unto ourselves. OTHER masterfully explores how we might embrace this often complex reality and draws out how love of that which is other is central to the Christian experience. This is a work of rare beauty.

Phllyis Tickle:

This is a brilliant work. Half-mystic and half hard-core intellectual, Brewin here offers us an intimate, personable, completely accessible and, at times, hauntingly beautiful engagement with the hard questions of emergence theology. It illumines with reverence and care the paradox that is faith, even as it speaks, always with vigour, of love and the reality that lies at the centre of our not-knowing.

Hope you enjoy reading it – all being well I’ll be in the US in the next few months with a little tour, so be great to meet people then and engage with the ideas face to face.


2 responses to “‘Other’ now available in the US/UK as eBook | US Print Edition Coming Soon”

  1. Hi Kester,
    I’ve lost your email addy, so I’m letting you know via comment. I’ve been reading ‘Other’ and enjoying it. However, I’ve felt moved to write to Hodder with the following comment.

    I’m really pleased that you have published this book electronically. It is such a help for me, as a scholar, to be able to digitally underline and then retrieve quotes as well as to add my own marginal comments to the book.

    However, on the editing I do have one disappointment. The footnotes are not ‘active’. Many Kindle books have a hyperlink from the footnote number in the text which when clicked takes one automatically to the footnote text, and a press on the ‘back’ button returns one to the text. This is not the case with Other and it is quite a faff to remember and then enter the location numbers to move back and forth. Please would you make sure that with footnoted books, such things are properly hyperlinked. I do feel that given that e-books are not that much cheaper than the actual paper versions, a little bit of extra care might be taken to ensure the medium is used to a reasonable level of its capability.

  2. Thanks so much for this Andii – was a frustration with the edition that I’d noticed too! A good prod to make me get right on to Hodder and see if they can’t sort it.

    Hope you’re enjoying it anyway!