Prayer for Those Who Burn

Burning Men

To those obsessed with fire
to the book-burners
and plane hijackers
the flag-lighters
and napalm sprayers:
you are no children of the gods.

Your father is not Prometheus
your gift is not the divine spark
lifted from behind mean Zeus’ back
fanned out on the earth in
good cooked food and light
in the dark.

Our gods are deaf to you,
but your gods will listen:
you who hoard flames
not to give warmth
to others
but to burn
in hatred
will know burning
for you’ll bring your own fire to hell.

© KB 9/11/2010


6 responses to “Prayer for Those Who Burn”

  1. Kester, keep with the poetry.

  2. thank you for this. i am left speechless from its beauty.

  3. “for you’ll bring your own fire to hell” is one of the most thought provoking lines I’ve read in a long time. These lines explicate so clearly the ridiculousness of the Terry Jones ridiculousness.

  4. Thanks. The ‘bring your own fire’ line was inspired by a parable related in William Dalrymple’s new book about India: Nine Lives.
    I blogged about it here and have been musing on the image ever since.

  5. I litealrly jumped out of my chair and danced after reading this!

  6. Most help articles on the web are ianccrutae or incoherent. Not this!