Back from Greenbelt | Other

In conversation with… Kester Brewin from Greenbelt Festival on Vimeo.

Fantastic time at Greenbelt. Was brilliant to meet up with old friends and have some time to catch up. It was also really good to be able to speak about ‘Other’ and engage with people about the ideas that it throws up. I hope that those who came to the talks or just bought the book will find their way here and continue the conversations about pirates, violence, prison, TAZ, institutions and all the other stuff we managed to cram into the debate!

If you didn’t manage to pick the book up at the festival, then you can get it on Amazon here. Be great to hear people’s thoughts if they want to leave reviews on the site too. I’m still really excited about the ideas in the book and want to get them out to as wide an audience as possible, so do recommend it if you feel able to. The above is one of a number of little interviews I did around the site at various points, which will be uploaded to Greenbelt’s media section over the next few months.