Catching Up | Greenbelt Talks preview…

Just got back from a couple of weeks holiday where I took a proper break from posting. Space to think about other stuff really, and ‘Devon’ and ‘Wireless Network’ are not immediately at home in the same sentence yet.

This weekend I’ll be off to Greenbelt, where I’m doing two talks expanding on some of the themes in Other.

The first talk is called ‘One and Other‘ and is at 7:3opm on Friday in Talks 2 (Hebron)

From noisy neighbours to nervous political coalitions, fears about immigration, racism, fundamentalism and international terrorism – our fear of engaging ‘the other’ is at the heart of so many of our problems. What can Jesus’ commandment to love God and love our neighbour mean in an increasingly pluralist and fluid world of online friendship and offline anxiety?

The second, ‘Pirates of the Charism‘ (sorry – couldn’t resist the pun!) is on Saturday at 7pm in Talks 4 (Galilee)

Admitting that there are strangenesses in myself, in God and in other people, how can we practically work out better ways of becoming, as one theologian put it, ‘the kinds of selves who live in harmony with others’? Among others, pirates – with their ‘short and merry lives’ – may hold some clues to better engaging ‘the other.’

It’s in this second talk that I’m hoping to drill down further into the TAZ / Christian Piracy concept that lots of people have picked up on in the book and found contentious. So there’ll hopefully be good chance for debate on that. Be great to see people, so do come and say hello.

Apart from that, I’m working on the next mini-series of Apple evenings, which are going to be on Sept 15th, October 13th and November 17th. Follow appleTMP on Twitter for updates, or check the Apple blog.

Finally, some places I’ve turned up… Good to see Jonny’s new book (which I won’t call romantic tosh in public 😉 JOOKING) on Curating Worship, which has a long dialogue between him, me and Nick Hughes about Vaux and our take on curation. He’s launching it in London and offering free booze, so I’ll be there for that! I’ve also got a piece in Third Ways’ ‘Futures’ issue, and Becky Garrison’s book Jesus Died for This is out too, which has some stuff from me in it too. Oh, and if you didn’t catch me on William Crawley’s Sunday Sequence a couple of weeks back, it’s a great show!


2 responses to “Catching Up | Greenbelt Talks preview…”

  1. stoked about what youre doing bro. would love to connect when youre back from GB. been trying to get a hold of pete as well. and zizek and theopoetics are a couple things i am passionate about.

    love your passion. would love to share. hit me back when youre around bro!