David Harvey on What Next After Capitalism…

HT to Barry for putting me on to this animation of a short talk by Marx-expert David Harvey. Brilliant.


2 responses to “David Harvey on What Next After Capitalism…”

  1. Acetate Monkey

    Fantastic (both verbal and visual)! Thanks for the look-out. I’ve got his series of talks walking through Capital lined up ready to work through. Every now and again I keep wondering if you’ve already watched them.

    Looking at barry’s site I notice he’s not enamoured with Zizek. What are your thoughts on Zizek’s dismissal of his own work as BS?

  2. Yes – I’m part way through! A few hours in. Connected to what may turn out to be the next project. Brilliant lectures.

    My thoughts on Z’s dismissal of his own work as BS? Very Zizek. Though I do feel he is trying to steer the ship towards more serious academic work now, away from the political/theological/cultural stuff he’s done recently.