Was great to have Si Johnston here before he left for his big trip across to Mongolia by motorbike. Many of you may remember him from brilliant stuff he did with church.co.uk and The Truth Isn’t Sexy last time he lived in London. It’s a massive trip he’s doing – some 14000 miles to the furthest point, then something around the same back – and I’ll be thinking of Si often, praying he stays safe and finds something good out on the road. He’s blogging his way too where possible, so do visit awayfromhere.org and follow how he’s getting on.


Really looking forward to him getting back and spending some time settled in London. Be good to have him around! Yes, that is a copy of ‘Other‘ you can see strapped to the bike. And no I didn’t force it on him, he asked for it! It’s going to be the best travelled copy I think…

Take care Si.