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Perfect summer reading ;-)
Perfect summer reading 😉

It’s great to have the book released in the UK today (more news on a US release shortly I hope) – I really hope people enjoy it and get something from it. I’ll be talking a little bit about the book at the next Apple event this Wednesday – details here – and it’d be great to see people and give the book a good welcome to the world.

In the mean time, here’s what leading US theologian Phyllis Tickle had to say about it:

Half-mystic and half hard-core intellectual, Brewin here offers us an intimate, personable, completely accessible and, at times, hauntingly beautiful engagement with the hard questions of emergence theology. This is a brilliant work. It illumines with reverence and care the paradox that is faith, even as it speaks, always with vigor, of love and the reality that lies at the center of our not-knowing.

If you haven’t got your copy yet, you can order it here. In the mean time, here’s a talk I gave last week on Iona which touches on some of the themes in the book. Hope you enjoy it:



13 responses to “Other Released Today! | ‘This is a brilliant work’ | Free talk download”

  1. I look forward to reading it. Do you know the timeline on it coming out in the states?

  2. No fixed timeline yet, but hoping to be able to say so as soon as a deal is fixed up. Hopefully won’t be long!

  3. Can’t wait for our copies in the states!

  4. Just ordered it…8.49 on amazon! I’m sure that’s a bargain but only time will tell!

  5. Hi Kester, my copy arrived yesterday and already I am hooked, not least on the acronym TAZ! Thanks for such a stimulating and timely read.

  6. Phil Doragh

    liked the complex christ, so looking forward to other, it’s already on its way from amazon…
    currently struggling through ‘deep church’. I like a lot of what he’s saying but it’s quite repetitive…
    Sonya liked Phyllis Tickle’s book, although she disagreed with her conclusion; kudos for the comment though :o)

  7. Phil Doragh

    PS you may already know of this event but it just came through the CofE channels today:-

    God and Physics: 7th – 10th July, St Anne’s College and the Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford

    Including an Open Lecture by Prof Polkinghorne
    “Reflections of a Bottom-up Thinker”
    4.30 pm Sat July 10th, Martin Wood Lecture Theatre

    The Revd Prof John Polkinghorne, KBE, FRS has had a flourishing career as Professor of Mathematical Physics at Cambridge, is a fellow of the Royal Society and worked for 25 years in particle physics, playing a role in the discovery of quarks. Just before his 50th birthday, in 1979, he resigned to train for the Anglican priesthood and has since become one of the most notable thinkers contributing to the dialogue between science and religion, having written 26 books on this topic at both a popular and academic level. He was knighted in 1997 and in 2002 received the Templeton Prize, awarded for exceptional contributions to affirming life’s spiritual dimension.
    The conference will celebrate John Polkinghorne’s life and work and continue to explore the insights and challenges that physics and theology offer each other. Other speakers include theologian Keith Ward, physicist and theologian Ian Barbour, and philosophers Nancy Cartwright and Philip Clayton.
    The conference is organised by the International Society for Science and Religion with the Ian Ramsey Centre, Theology Faculty, University of Oxford and the support of the Clarendon Laboratory, University of Oxford. Further details: http://www.ianramseycentre.org or cynthia.hall@theology.ox.ac.uk

  8. Thanks Phil – looks brilliant! Glad you enjoyed the last book… hope you find this one stimulating too.

  9. gareth powell

    just ordered a copy for both the divinity faculty and the university library 🙂

  10. becky garrison

    Love what Phyllis had to say – glad I was able to introduce the two of you a few years ago. holler when the book is in the states.

  11. I got restless and ordered one from the UK!

  12. Thanks people. Good to hear there’s a real appetite for the book in the US! Be great if people could get the word around and write up what you thought on Amazon etc. All helps!

  13. becky garrison

    Can’t do a write up until I get a chance to read it. 🙂 BTW-you’re quoted in my forthcoming book so shoot me an email if you want a review copy.