Let Me Touch Him | 60 Great Album Covers

I’m off to Iona for a week now, so will not be posting much. While I’m away, have a browse of the utterly fabulous ‘60 Awesome Christian Music Album Covers.‘ My two particular favourites:



Have a great week. And don’t forget: ‘Other‘ is released next week, and there’s going to be a free-for-all launch do at the beginning of Apple 5 on 9th June at The Betsey Trotwood. First one to come up to me and use the words ‘let me touch him’ gets a free copy of the book. And let’s say first 10 to say ‘Jesus Use Me’ get a pint. Can’t say much fairer than that 😉


One response to “Let Me Touch Him | 60 Great Album Covers”

  1. think im diggin the “karatist preacher”