Now The Speeches Are Over…

After three election debates, what have we learned?

Firstly – David Cameron, touted as a master-orator and expected to do so well on live television, was very disappointing. He evaded questions, could back little up with figures, and looked more and more like the shiny figurehead of a party which still wants to reward the rich. Take a look at the cabinet he would be appointing before deciding he’s the change we want to see.

Secondly – Nick Clegg has shown that a third power in politics is a good thing. The inclusion of the third in any system takes you out of the first dimension, and this can only be a good thing. He hasn’t, however really thought his policies through in some key areas.

Thirdly – Gordon Brown knows that despite a pretty good track record in some key areas, he is up for a whipping. The media have decided this and there is little he can do to turn them.

Connectedly, this is all about the media. They have their bright spot-lights, and choose where to shine them. One can only wonder what this sort of intrusion would have done to a Prime Minister like Churchill – a heavy drinker, coarse with his words and economical with the truth when he thought it served his purposes. He would not have survived. And the country would have been worse off.

When we vote we need to turn from the light to see. Shut your eyes now, and your ears. Let the press go quiet while we reflect carefully without their intrusion…


4 responses to “Now The Speeches Are Over…”

  1. rodney neill

    I would hazard a guess that you are a labour part supporter

  2. rodney neill

    labour party supporters…..oops typo error!

  3. I have voted for them in the past, but I’m not died in the wool of any party. What I do feel very strongly about is that voting is like sex: it’s more important to think about what you’re doing to others, not yourself 😉

    Seriously, I think it’s hugely misplaced to simply consider ‘what will be best for my own pocket.’ And that, I think, has traditionally been part of the conservative ethos. So yes, I’m looking for the social part of socialism. But that doesn’t mean I’ll be voting Labour this time…

  4. Acetate Monkey

    “What I do feel very strongly about is that voting is like sex: it’s more important to think about what you’re doing to others, not yourself”

    Excellent. I thought you were going to type: there’s a long anticipated build up and then it’s over really quickly! 😉
    The piece does seem to place you in the red team though as Rodney wrote.

    Thanks for your blogs on this election, they’ve been very thought provoking.