At the British Council tomorrow as part of a roundtable discussion on technology in education put together by SecEd magazine and Dell. Any thoughts on how social networks, new media or the ‘noosphere’ might impact education delivery, do drop me a note and I’ll raise them.

Then straight from there to Belfast to join up with the Insurrection at the Re-Emergence conference. Shame to be missing the bulk of it, but had to get out there for Weds evening gig and the plenaries on Thursday morning.


2 responses to “Education and Insurrection”

  1. hi Kester,

    This is Alwyn from Kuala Lumpur – loved yr Signs of Emerg. Anyway, some quick comments on social media (or Web 2.0) and its impact on education:

    – students will ‘know more’ than teachers, so delivery’ll need to go beyond the presentation/memorisation of bare facts/info, and hit skills/methods/attitudes, etc. (are our teachers up to this?)

    – classes are potentially 24/7 then again may not resemble ‘classes’ in the traditional sense anymore; the syllabus would need to incorporate more of what the students find out themselves (is the curriculum up to this?)

    – learning is multi-directional and, just like with ecclesial authority, pedagogical leadership will shift somewhat from the teacher to the most savvy student (or simply those who care enough to connect meaningfully to others)

    – assessment will go online (the “closed book” mode of exams may be as relevant as the typewriter)

    – the learner-constructedness of the meaning and significance of the lessons will become more important (as with the emerging church, so with the emerging school)

    hope this helps,

  2. Thanks Alwyn – good thoughts. It should be a really interesting day, and any media streams that come out of it I’ll let you know here…