…And Martin Rowson’s in The Guardian


Says it all. The $100m ‘loan’ from the World Bank to Haiti could be paid off like that by a fraction of the banking bonuses paid out on top of enormous salaries. Sickening.


3 responses to “…And Martin Rowson’s in The Guardian”

  1. Powerful and sobering. It reminds me of Edvard Munch’s painting ‘The Scream’. Whilst not meaning to diminish the suffering of Haitians in any way, it also makes me wonder whose life might be regarded as bleaker. One sometimes senses a foul whiff of dreadful poverty emanating from material and financial wealth.

  2. the dead child’s mother is bleaker.

  3. Those are really extremely powerful and thought provoking drawings that I will not easily forget. I totally agree with Clare’s comment. And I also agree with the message behind the drawings. It is really shameful that the vast majority of the horrible banking bonuses that do some much harm to ordinary people all over te world are paid by banks that are established in Christian countries and whose managers say they are Christians. The Bible leaves no doubt about it: God and Jesus Christ have always been on the side of the poor and have always condemned extraodinary wealth, especially if this wealth had been accumulated by bad people using bad ways of enriching themselves.